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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Candlelight Vigil for the cancer victims

Mike Rogers (Whizzed) of Sunshine Coast, Queensland, will like to take up the cause in sympathy with cancer victims. This cause touched a chord in my heart because I lost my late wife to breast cancer. Here is his contribution to this worthwhile cause:

Mike Rogers candlelight vigil for cancer victims

Here is our family candlelight vigil plus memorial for my late, brave wife, Kok Yoke Yoon, a cancer victim, and wonderful late mother of 5 children, late mother-in-law of two sons-in-law (one MIA or Missing in Action because he is in London, plus late grandmother to the "youngest blogger" in the world":

She had been her cheerful self right to the end.

Update 9 April 2008: Wanted to upload this photo of the candlelight vigil in memory of Kok Yoke Yoon by the Kok extended family, but waited too long for clearance from everyone for permission to put it on the Web. Now I can't find the large format photo and can only get this almost thumbnail size photo from a Facebook group. Well, late is better than never and small is better than nothing. Here is the candlelight vigil from the Kok extended family in memory of the cheerful Kok Yoke Yoon:

candlelight vigil in memory of Kok Yoke Yoon

If you like to contribute, all you need to do is to attach a photo of your candlelight vigil and email it or them to

add a message if you wish, and we will do the rest.


Whizzed said...

Hopefully Peter this vigil may help you and your family? I sincerely hope so as I know from bitter experience what it is like to lose a loved one more so when it is your wife and mother to all your children.
I will blog this myself I think.
I have been rather lax in blogging of late but managed two this morning.