Those who want to add their candlelight vigil to any existing ones or start their own (for example, for the poor, defenseless whales, etc.), please send me an email message telling me what cause you want to support, attach a digital photo and add a message if you want.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Candlelight Vigil for those who need healing

Through Facebook, a great social networking application plus the Flock browser, I was alerted to 2 relatives who needs healing. Here is a candlelight vigil to help speed their healing:

candlelight vigil for those who are sickThis photo is property of Ellen

For those who believe in praying, please pray for them. If the two give permission, I will even update this post with their names. However, this candlelight vigil is not only for two. It is for all those who are sick and need healing and you are free to add your own candlelight vigil plus a message if you want. Please refer to the the instructions at the top of the the blog.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Candlelight vigil for clean and fair election

Photo of candlelight vigil is property of Ben Townsend

A clean and fair election is essential to democracy. You can have a "democracy" but with flawed election processes. Among the essentials of a clean and fair election are having a clean electoral role, fair delineation of constituencies, equal access to MSM (main stream media which include the printed press, radio and television, especially those funded by public funds. Others include non-use of public funds or public properties and government machineries for electioneering purposes. It also include not using public funds to try to influence the voters. We cannot have rulings by Election Commissions like "it is not bribery as long as the funds are not disbursed by the candidates".

In the case of Malaysia, the opposition have no access to the mainstream media to make known their stand on various issues, their manifesto, etc. One said that if ever they are reported in the mainstream media, it is usually to make them look bad. In 2 recent by-elections, the government controlled by the ruling coalition poured huge amount of public funds into the 2 constituencies which benefited tremendously and the by-elections were won by candidates belonging to the ruling coalition. The Chairman of the Malaysian Election Commission ruled exactly that - "it is not bribery as long as the funds are not disbursed by the candidates".

The smell of election is in the air in Malaysia now. Let us have a candlelight vigil for a real clean and fair election for Malaysia.

Anyone who would like to support this are encouraged to take a digital photo of your own version of a candlelight vigil and attach it to an email to

add a message if you wish, and we will do the rest. You may also let me know if you want other just causes you would like to support with a candlelight vigil of your own.